How to Get More Followers on Instagram for Free

For those who have tried to gain traction by accumulating followers on Instagram, it can be an uphill battle unless you employ the right set of tactics. To understand how to get more followers on Instagram for free starts with implementing a series of strategies so that you can maximize your results. The truth is that there are several ways to obtain more followers for free on Instagram, but what works for others may not be the same for you.

Basically, you will need to try out different ideas that have worked for many others until you strike the right one or combination of methods that work for you. Most people who fail to understand how to get more followers on Instagram for free will either quit before trying the methods that work or stick to tactics that do not work for them.

Listed here are proven methods that have worked for many people striving to succeed on Instagram while spending very little to no money.




Promote quality images

Promote Quality Images

It goes without saying that doing the basics is very important when it comes to promoting your Instagram account. This means using your other social media outlets and profiles to boost your Instagram account. You should tell followers on your other accounts to have them join up with Instagram to see sneak peeks at new products, special coupons, behind-the-scenes images and more. In this manner, you’ll be able to boost your social profile without spending a dime.

Also, remember only to use the best images as this keeps up the quality of your efforts. Not only should the images be in focus and well-framed, but they also need to be exciting and to the point. Hundreds, if not thousands of images with no real point to them, will not garner you followers.



Be Sociable

Be Sociable

Although it emphasizes images and photographs, Instagram is just like any other social media site that demands interaction to be effective. So, you will have to interact with the followers that you have as well as comment on other sites that fall within your industry and interests. So, when someone makes a comment on your site that invites good discussion, you will want to engage with them which will promote others to comment.

A good rule of thumb is to respond to comments within an hour or two of your initial post and then afterward at your discretion. You will need to strike a balance between promoting discussion and getting distracted from other endeavors.




Like Photos from Those in Your Target Audience

Like Photos from Those in Your Target Audience

Unless you know the basic type of people that will respond to your efforts, you’ll never understand how to get more followers on Instagram for free. A simple, yet effective method is to “like” photos by the hundreds from the audience that you are targeting. If done properly, you should average from five to six new followers for every 100 likes you place on random photos.

All you need to do is target the photos that are a part of your niche or industry and like them which will help generate a response. At the very least it will help get your name out there more so that people will see it and perhaps respond.



The Power of Hashtags

The Power of Hashtags

You can use hashtags to help promote your images which in turn will boost the number of followers that you receive. For example, posting hashtags that have #followback or perhaps #tagforlikes will help get instant recognition and response.

You will also want to search people who are using popular hashtags and like them because there is a good chance that they will like you back. This simple method can be quite effective if you take a few minutes each day to like many different accounts that are popular.

Another method is to use popular hashtags so that your images are found in searches. This means using simple, yet very popular hashtags such as #tbt or perhaps #imageoftheday which will garner attention. Be sure to do this with your exceptional photos for maximum results as they will get the best response.



Choose the right Time

Choose the right Time

Research has shown that posting images at 2 am or at 5 pm generates the best results. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most obvious is that 2 am postings will have very little competition while many people will check their Instagram accounts just after work at roughly 5 pm which means that your posts will have a better chance of being seen. So, pick the time that works best for you and make your posts then so that you can maximize your chances of exposure.

The day that people post the least on Instagram is Sundays, so you’ll want to include that in your posting schedule. This means less competition that gets in your way.

In addition, you’ll want to be regular with your postings if at all possible. You can choose the time and number of days between postings, but you’ll want to establish a schedule so that people will start looking forward to your images. You can always break in with something special at different times, but establishing a regular schedule works for you.



Create a ContestCreate a Contest

This is a rather old-fashioned method that still works like gangbusters if you have an interesting prize. Simply post an image that promotes the contest and ask people to like it in order to enter. This will help spread the word about the contest which means that you increase the odds of gaining more followers. Naturally, you’ll need something interesting as a prize, but it does not necessarily have to cost anything.

The prize you select should be directly related to your niche, and if you produce products then an inexpensive one will do. You can hold a contest on occasion in order to jump start a new following.


While it does take a little work to understand how to get more followers on Instagram for free, the efforts will be well worth it as you will broaden out your audience. Pretty soon, the work you do will start to pay dividends that build upon each other and spread to other social media accounts and to your bottom line.


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