How to get free Instagram followers fast and real instantly

Here’s how to get thousands of likes and active Instagram followers in just a simple step. This method has been confirmed to work on all devices without a single problem.

Please follow these steps below:

  • Go to and register an account.
  • Click the “TRY IT FOR TREE NOW” button.

Addmefast site

  • Fill all items on the form and click on “Sign up” button.

Sign up Addmefast account

  • Go to your email and activate your Addmefast account.

Active Addmefast account

Active successfully

  • Now you can access your Addmefast account.

Login Addmefast account

Addmefast Terms

  • And AddMeFast will give you free 50 points.

Addmefast dashboard


  • And now we will earn points by likes, share, followers, tweets, retweets, views, subscribe, etc. You can choose whatever you want Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, etc.. And I highly recommend you use your second account to do that. It will not be harmful to your main account. Now we will earn points by choosing FB likes.

Addmefast Facebook like

  • When you click on the “Like” button, a popup will appear. Just use your SECOND Facebook account to login (not your main facebook account).

Facebook like button

  • Then click on the like button and wait 5 seconds to close the popup.

Facebook like popup

  • Reload Addmefast page, and you will see your points will be added.

Addmefast points

  • And now this is my favorite part. Get Free Instagram likes and followers. Click on the “Add Site/Page” button. Scroll down to “Instagram followers” line and remember you have to set your profile to the public before you add to Add Me Fast site.

Add Instagram ID

Add Instagram follower type

Choose Instagram follower

  • Copy or type your username on the username fill and click turn on total clicks and daily clicks and put a number on CPC (cost per click). It means the number of points you want to give for everyone who followed you on Instagram, higher is faster. I usually put 5 points on CPC, 1000 for total clicks and 50 for daily clicks. And finally, click on the “Save Changes” button to save all settings.

Your profile username

Add your profile username


Add your profile successfully


  • If you want to change total clicks, daily clicks or CPC, follow steps below and then click on the “Save Changes” button.

Edit your setting

Change your setting


Hopefully, our method will help you get free real Instagram followers and fast. And if you don’t want to spend your time to like other social accounts to earn points from the site, you can check our other guide on how to get more followers on Instagram for free here.



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